Our Process

Through our many years of experience providing financial planning for clients, we’ve created a thorough discovery process.

Is Stone Pine Financial the right firm for you?

Our Goal

To provide you with the expertise and resources required to achieve your financial goals and a secure retirement. 

Our Process

To analyze your unique financial situation and devise a personal plan that will allow you to retire with confidence.

Step 1. Initial Phone Call

This 30-minute phone call is an opportunity for both of us to determine if your financial goals match our expertise.

If we aren’t a good fit for each other, Stone Pine will introduce you to a financial services firm that is better suited to your needs.

Step 2. First Meeting

This meeting is all about the details. You will present Stone Pine with your goals, concerns and unique financial situation. Your answers to our questions, and the documents we request you bring to the meeting, will guide our in-depth analysis of your finances. 

Step 3. Our Analysis

Applying our decades of experience, and thousands of hours of training and mentoring by the industry’s top experts, we answer the following four critical questions for you:

1) Can you afford to retire? 

2) Can your investment portfolio be improved?

3) Can you eliminate or at least reduce threats to your retirement?

4) Are there ways you could reduce your tax burden? 

These answers and our additional recommendations will be included in your personalized “One-Page Game Plan.”

Step 4. Second Meeting

During this meeting, we present you with your personalized “Game Plan” and we explain in plain English our recommendations for achieving your financial goals. This is also where you will see, in dollars and cents, how our firm can improve your finances.

At the end of this meeting, we’ll ask that you think over our recommendations and carefully consider whether you want Stone Pine to be your trusted partner on your retirement journey.

Step 5. Sleep On It

Our 20 years in business have proven that clients should not rush into a decision. Prior to deciding if we should work together, you should answer the following questions:

• Do I like/trust/respect the team at Stone Pine Financial?

• Will the benefits they provide exceed the fee I will pay?

• Do I understand and agree with their investment philosophy?

• Do their recommendations make sense to me?

Step 6. Take Action

One week after our 2nd meeting, we reconvene with the goal of getting you ready to take action – whether that’s with our firm or not! We’ll answer any questions or concerns you have, and if you do want to move forward with our firm, we will review our client onboarding process. We dedicate a lot of time and resources to onboarding new clients in order to make the process smooth and straightforward.

What you can expect

Once the onboarding process is complete, we have two dedicated meeting periods each year, one in the Spring and the other in the Fall. These are designed to review your progress and address concerns. Additionally in the Spring, we review your Flight Path (retirement income projections). In the Fall, we go over tax projections and strategies to implement prior to the end of the year.

What to Expect