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We want to share with you one of the recent trends in retirement, something we like to call The Retirement Test Drive.  Like test driving a car, it allows you to check out the comfort and feel of the experience without the commitment.  Just like car shopping, you can test out multiple options to see which one you like best.  Interestingly, the average person spends more time researching a new car or their next vacation than their own retirement, even though retirement may be 30+ years of their life!

So, we encourage you to take some time to daydream about how you might like to spend your days once you close the chapter on your work-life.  Even better, take a week, or even a month if you can, and try out what it might feel like to be retired.  Morningstar recently published this 8-minute video on how to actually do this.  Take a few minutes to watch the video and then think about how you might incorporate a Test Drive into your own pre-retirement plan!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out!